Do you ever get tired of waking up with body stiffness...aches... AND pains?

Wonder why your entire body screams at you when you get up and down off the ground?
Question if your workouts are doing your body more damage than good?

If so, this is the school for you!

It's difficult to know if you're doing the proper things for your specific body needs so I've created courses that will provide you tools and outcome measurements to inspire and empower you to hear your body and give it what it needs to live your best life.

Join the MOVEMENT to LIVE today!

Hi, I’m Kara Shull

I have a few initials behind my name, and experience working with pro, elite, and collegiate athletes, but at the end of the day, I'm just like you and want to live, move and be well. We all deserve that and it's difficult when our bodies are fighting us. I created this content just for you so let's take this journey together to get you feeling, moving and living better.

"Movement2live has changed my way of looking at my body. I thought just lifting weights before was fine, but I was not in tune with some of my imbalances which was making me feel achey and like my joints were going to wear out by age 50. I now know my body and when to push and when to recover which has made me feel confident moving forward in all my workouts and day to day activities."

- Olivia S,

25 year old active female experiencing low back pain